The Importance Of Comparing Utility Metering Solutions

For non-municipal water utilities, choosing a company to partner with to have access to meter data, complete billing and to even provide installation of sub-meters is an important choice.

Choosing the right company offering the type of utility metering solutions that are ideal for the commercial building, subdivision, campus or multi-family dwelling should take a bit of time. It starts with learning as much as possible about the different companies offering service in your areas and then choosing the best match.

To help you get started in selecting utility metering solutions, start with a comparison of the following issues for all companies with service to your location. By comparing the basics first, you will ensure each provider offers the key features and functions needed.

Experience and Current Clients

As in any service industry, there are a lot of startup companies offering utility metering solutions. These may be exceptional companies, but you will just have to take their word for it.

By choosing a company that is established and has a current client base and a history of completing projects, providing top customer service and operating a seamless water management program all the guesswork is eliminated.

Services Offered

The best solutions are possible when a company offers the full range of services required, from the installation of meters through to water testing. Verify the water management services you are considering have the capability to complete the installation on your time, manage billing and payments online and offers water testing service.

Also, check with the company as to the type or types of meters they use and what their guarantee on workmanship will be for the installation phase of the project. Additionally, verify that the company doesn’t use third-party or subcontracted installers as this can result in concerns with quality control.

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