Month: November 2013

What Are White Label Supplements?

White labeling of products is a marketing strategy that many companies employ. This strategy started many years ago in the grocery trade and rapidly spread into white label supplements and other high volume products. The objective of white labeling is to create brand...

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Packing for a Caribbean Getaway

If you're visiting the islands to look for property for sale in the Caribbean, you definitely need to know how to pack for the occasion. While this may seem like a simple task, some people that are new to traveling to the islands don't quite know what to take with...

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Clothing Is Like A Car

When you think of a car you first have to understand the real reason for it; to get you from one point to another. If this is the common reason for owning a car, why are there cars that are stripped down and extremely utile and cars which are six inches off the ground...

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What Defines Liquid Supplements?

A liquid supplement is the liquid form of a dietary supplement; there are a number of different types and the applications vary. Generally speaking, healthy people who eat properly and have a well balanced diet usually do not use any additional nutrients in the form...

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