What Are White Label Supplements?

by | Nov 29, 2013 | health care

White labeling of products is a marketing strategy that many companies employ. This strategy started many years ago in the grocery trade and rapidly spread into white label supplements and other high volume products. The objective of white labeling is to create brand loyalty by offering quality items at a discounted price. Retailers will commission manufacturers to create products expressly for them; these products are then labeled with the retailer’s label, not the label of the contract manufacturer. The objective was to get shoppers to realize that these brands were only available from the specific retailer where the goods are on display, the hopes being that the customers will like the product and the price and continue purchasing.

There are numerous examples of white label supplements for sale in grocery stores, health food shops and even convenience stores, all branded with the retailers name and product definition. These products are usually less expensive than a national brand and they are effectively exposed by having them displayed in close proximity to one another. Although the prices are lower, this does not translate to quality, often the quality of a white label product is equal to if not better than the comparative national brand.

Rarely is there a quality issue when it comes to white label foodstuff or nutritional supplements. This may not be the case however with some exclusive brands, especially those sold in big box stores where the competition is fierce. Some white label goods are cheap knock offs of quality products, many manufactured in China and other places notorious for their poor quality product.

Many people who do purchase white label food, vitamins and supplements are very keen on quality and the safety of these products in particular are very high on the customers list of concerns. Customers are keen on knowing who actually manufacturers these goods. When consumers are aware of the manufacturer they are in a much better position to determine for themselves the quality and safety.

When consumers are aware of the manufacturer of the white label supplements they can better decide if the white label product is truly better value than the brand name competition. The customer is also in a position to reject the product if it does not meet their criteria for safety, quality and corporate ethics.


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