Carbonitriding for Heat Treatment of Gears

Steel gears are vital components for many industrial applications. However, gears and sprockets can take a great deal of wear and tear, and it's important to use materials that are tough enough for the job. That's why many companies today choose carbonitriding for...

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Applications For Black Zinc Plating

Zinc electroplating is the application of zinc to a substrate metal using a direct electric current and a specific chemical bath. Black zinc plating is taking the process a further step. The fabricator applies a conversion coating of trivalent passivate or hexavalent...

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Laser Cut Copper: The Method Fits The Metal

When it comes to cutting metal, a company can employ any of several industrial cutting methods. These range from simple shearing and abrasive disc cutting to the more technologically inclined electrical discharge machining (EDM), plasma cutting and laser cutting. When...

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How Recycling Your Automobile Helps the Environment

An unusable car sitting on your property may seem worthless. You may even be looking for ways to just get rid of it, thinking it has no more value left to offer. Before disposing of your old vehicle, consider how recycling the car will help you and the environment at...

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