Applications For Black Zinc Plating

Zinc electroplating is the application of zinc to a substrate metal using a direct electric current and a specific chemical bath. Black zinc plating is taking the process a further step. The fabricator applies a conversion coating of trivalent passivate or hexavalent chromate in aqueous solution. This improves the overall properties of zinc plating, producing a further protective barrier. At the same time, a black zinc coating also enhances the appearance of the metal component.

Industries Using Black Zinc Coatings

Steel is a corrosive metal. Protection is possible through the plating of zinc followed by the further protection that black zinc electroplating provides. Many OEMs specify this type of enhanced protection for components and other items. Among the major industries requesting this are:

* Armaments
* Automotive
* Electronic
* Heavy Truck

They all see black zinc plating as a means of improving the quality of product they supply to their customers.

Specific Applications

Applications of black zinc electroplating include a wide variety of parts for these industrial sectors. Fabricators commonly provide black zinc electroplating for the following:

Automotive parts and components, including:

* Brackets
* Bolts
* Connecting rods
* Fasteners, e.g., for brakes, in chassis joints
* Fluid transfer tubes
* Nuts
* Trim

Electronics including:

* Boxes
* Connectors
* Housings

* Fasteners
* Firearm parts and components
* Fittings

The process of black zinc plating imparts anti-galling and protection against the problems of superior levels of wear-and-tear and high temperatures that may comprise a harsh, corrosive environment. The double coating in its uniform layers ensures the enhanced protection such components require to operate effectively.

Black Zinc Plating

Today’s manufacturing concerns want affordable options, high-quality products, and fast delivery. They need the components they install to be durable and reliable. Metal fabricators help them realize these goals through black zinc plating. It contributes to the longevity of many components in the automotive, industrial hardware, electronics, and arms industries. It also adds to the overall attractiveness of the items.

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