Finding the Best Home Window Replacement Near Me in Fairfax VA

Is your home drafty in winter? Maybe it doesn’t get cool enough on the hottest days of the year. If you find a company offering window replacement near me in Fairfax VA, you can solve these problems and many more. But who should you trust for this important service? Here are some things to be aware of when you choose a window contractor for your home.

Money Upfront

If a contractor asks you to pay the entire amount in advance, there is a big problem. Some contractors may request a small deposit, but most do not expect you to pay until the company supplying the window replacement near me in Fairfax VA is finished. Asking for full or half payment in advance is a typical ploy of conmen. They get your money, and you won’t see them again.

The Importance of Appearance

When it comes to checking out companies that provide window replacement near me in Fairfax VA, appearance is everything. For example, when you schedule an estimate for new windows, your contractor should show up in a reasonably well-kept vehicle. His appearance should be professional and he will always treat you with courtesy and respect.

“Too Good to be True” Offers

If a contractor offers you new windows for a total cost of less than $200 per window, something is wrong. First, high-quality windows can cost more than that just for the windows. If you are quoted a cheap price, it usually means you’ll get cheap windows and some hidden charges on the installation.

Scare Tactics

A reputable contractor does not have to scare customers to earn their business. He’ll never tell you that something terrible will happen if you don’t replace your windows today. You’ll receive a written estimate for the work, and your contractors will install your windows and clean up your home before they leave.

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