Laser Cut Copper: The Method Fits The Metal

When it comes to cutting metal, a company can employ any of several industrial cutting methods. These range from simple shearing and abrasive disc cutting to the more technologically inclined electrical discharge machining (EDM), plasma cutting and laser cutting. When it comes to cutting metal such as copper, however, the odds are on lasers to produce the best possible results. In fact, copper laser cutting may be the method that best suits this metal. This, in spite of the challenges laser cutting, can present.

Using Lasers to Cut Copper

Copper is a non-ferrous metal. It is also reflective. This presents a challenge when the source of the cutting action involves mirrors and light beams. CO2 laser cutting, therefore, can prove difficult since a reflective surface can bounce back the beam onto the laser machine. The result can be damaging to the equipment. It may also harm the copper.

The potential for major damages to an expensive piece of machinery can curtail the use of lasers to cut such metals as copper. However, in the latest fiber optic lasers, the risk decreases, allowing lasers to perform their precise and exacting cutting. In fact, if the copper is no less than 3/8 inch thick, a CO2 Laser can slice through it in a single pass. If it is thicker than that, it will require several to achieve its goal. In such cases, it is better to employ a fiber laser, which is effective at 3/8 inch.

The end will justify the means. Laser cut copper presents clean, precise slices with clear-cut edges. The overall smoothness and alacrity of the cut are sure to impress purchasers of this sheet metal.

Laser Cut Copper

Copper is a metal with high thermal and electrical conductivity properties. It offers several advantages to fabricators. Laser cut copper service provides clear, precise workpieces. Although it is challenging, it can prove to be a very effective method.

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