Can Medical Cannabis Help Headaches?

Medical cannabis has been used to help both children and adults with health problems such as epilepsy, pain, and bipolar disorder among others. While this drug has shown extraordinary results to people around the country suffering from serious problems, medical cannabis can also help simpler problems such as headaches. Previous studies performed have shown that there may be a connection between medical cannabis and improving migraines, but a more recent study showed that about 40% of those tested experienced much more positive results when using medical cannabis. Even 85% of the individuals in the study said that they suffered from fewer migraines in a month. Patients can improve their migraine problems with methods such as inhalation and consumption of medical cannabis in Glenview.

Explore the Strains of Medical Cannabis    

It is first important to determine which strain is best for your medical needs. Using medical cannabis requires you to use the strain that will provide you with the best results. There may also be a certain method of use that fits your body and lifestyle best. You can perform research on strains or ask your doctor about which strain you should consider.


Inhaling medical cannabis produced the quickest results among patients. Simply inhaling the drug can eliminate your pain without causing drowsiness. There are many tools on the market that can assist you with inhalation of medical cannabis. You can ask your doctor or those at a dispensary which device is best for you.


Medical cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways, but this method of using the drug can potentially cause negative side effects. Consuming medical cannabis can also provide migraine relief, but it may take longer to work when compared to inhalation. Consuming without inhalation can also cause you to feel very tired after using medical cannabis.

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