The Perfect Diamond Necklace – A Style for Everyone

Songs and movies have told us for decades that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” This is certainly true; women all over the world have loved diamonds for as long as humans have been wearing them. Diamonds can also be a man’s best friend when he’s buying a beautiful ring or diamond necklace for his favorite lady. Here’s a guide to the best type of diamond necklace to choose for your special someone – even if that someone is yourself!

Classics are Classics for a Reason

Nothing is as universal and as well-received as a traditional diamond solitaire necklace. If you’re looking for the style most likely to win your sweetheart over – or that will look great with the most styles and outfits – you need look no further than a simple, single diamond pendant.

Dialing up the Drama

Of course, not every woman wants a simple, understated look. Some value something a little extra, and if that’s the case then nothing will delight your significant other – or yourself – like a multi-stone necklace. Wearing many stones on a single piece of jewelry may seem difficult to pull off, but the styles available with today’s New York jewelers offer the kind of effortless glamour that was once reserved for Hollywood starlets. Spread stones across a glittering display of diamond pave to give your style an air of formality.

Customize Your Look

Once you’ve decided whether you want something simple or a little bolder, you’re left with a handful of other exciting choices when choosing a diamond necklace. You can customize your look by choosing between:

  • Chain types
  • Chain lengths
  • Chain metals and metal colors
  • Diamond size
  • Diamond color and more

Once you’ve chosen your perfect chain, it’s time to show your loved one or show the world what a great job you’ve done with your choice. Whoever receives your perfectly customized necklace, they’re sure to love it!

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