A Family Law Attorney in Carrollton, GA Could Help Parents Resolve Custody Issues

Some couples are able to get along enough to settle their divorce and move on with their lives. However, there are a couple of issues that married couples struggle to settle and, when they can’t do it on their own, the future of their family might suffer. Child custody might be the most difficult issue to resolve when a married couple separates. In the past, mothers took primary responsibility for the children, and it made sense for family courts to lean toward giving preferential treatment to them in divorce cases. Family structures have changed and so has the view of this issue when it comes to divorce.

A parent who suspects they may have trouble getting their spouse to agree with them about custody of their minor children should consult a Family Law Attorney in Carrollton GA as soon as they are aware of the issue. This could give the attorney time to prepare the case for custody and attempt to negotiate with the other parent to come to a reasonable compromise outside of court. Research has shown that children perform better in school and in life if they continue their relationships with both parents after divorce.

Only in rare cases should a parent who was actively involved with the children during the marriage be kept away from them after the divorce. Parents who are able to separate their own feelings from those of their children may be able to raise happier and healthy children than those who continue a contentious relationship with the other parent after the divorce. An experienced Family Law Attorney in Carrollton GA may help a client understand the importance of helping their children maintain a loving relationship with both of their parents.

Parents who are planning to end their marriage can visit Dsternlieblaw.com to get information about the divorce process and how they may protect their children from the stresses associated with the dissolution of their parents’ marriage. It’s important for parents to convey that just because the marriage is over the children do not have to choose sides or spend less time with each of them.

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