Signs You Are at Risk of Foreclosure

Financial difficulties are a burden that most adults deal with at one point in another during their lives. If you are struggling to pay your bills on time, and your credit cards are often maxed out, there may be signs that foreclosure on your home is right down the road. Many West Chicago foreclosure defense attorneys feel that it is important for you to be able to understand and identify the signs of foreclosure so that you can start defending your home as quickly as possible.

Keep an Eye on the Way You Use Credit

Maxing out your credit cards and continuing to use the credit for everyday expenses such as lunch items, groceries, and utility bills can be a sign that you are soon to be at risk of foreclosure. Try to manage your credit more effectively by only purchasing the necessities with your credit cards. Otherwise, you may be engaging in poor credit habits.

Paying Your Bills Late or Only at a Minimum

Paying bills and credit card payments on time can make or break your risk for foreclosure. Everyone struggles to stay on top of their bills every once in a while, but it’s important to recognize the warning signs that you may be in over your head. If you are continuously unable to pay your bills on time, and you have to choose which bills to pay and which to ignore, you may be faced with more financial troubles down the road.

Paying credit cards at the minimum amount each month may not be great for your financial standing either. In fact, you can often count your time until a foreclosure statement arrives by how often or how little you pay off your credit cards.

Other Warning Signs

Some of the other warning signs of an impending foreclosure include:

  • Applying for new cards after maxing out your current credit cards
  • Rendering yourself unable to financially maintain your home
  • Facing major life changes that damage your finances
  • Increases in mortgage payments that are too difficult to handle

If you are struggling with any financial difficulty in a certain area, the odds are that your troubles will affect the other financial areas of your life as well. If you are noticing a downward trend in your spending habits, you should contact our West Chicago foreclosure defense attorneys at Covert & Covert right away. We can help to prevent your foreclosure and get your spending habits back on track, the right way.

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