A Dekalb Trucking Accident Lawyer Ensures the Best Chance of a Positive Outcome

Every day across the state of Illinois, drivers are injured and even killed in accidents involving big trucks. The sheer size and weight of 18-wheelers and other large vehicles means commuters driving or riding in passenger vehicles are at significant risk. If you or a loved one have been injured in such an accident, you will also find that winning your case can be difficult. A Dekalb trucking accident lawyer can help ensure the best chance of a positive outcome.

The Potential for Negligence

While you might assume that most trucking accidents are the result of mechanical failures, such as a tire blowout or something similar, that’s not the case. Most trucking accidents are caused by negligence on the part of the truck driver, or even the trucking company. Some of the most common types of truck driver negligence include the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Inattention
  • Speeding

Of course, there are many others, including using hand held devices, external distractions, dangerous driving habits, and more. A Dekalb trucking accident lawyer can analyze important information sources to determine if negligence played a role in the accident.

Expert Knowledge of Information Sources

Working with the right attorney is vital. A trucking accident attorney has expert knowledge of truck-specific information sources that can help shed light on what actually occurred in the moments leading up to the accident. For instance, driver logbooks might show that the driver was on the road for more hours than allowed. The truck’s black box might yield information about truck speed and GPS location. Even social media can be used to gain insight into a truck driver’s habits, and even the trucking company’s ethics. Finally, trucking company background checks and other documentation can help determine if inexperience on the driver’s part played any role in the accident.

Choosing the Right Expert

While it is vital that you work with the right Dekalb trucking accident lawyer, understand that not all attorneys are the same. It’s vital that you choose an experienced expert who has spent years not only representing trucking accident victims and their families, but delving into the causes of trucking accidents. We invite you to contact Fisk & Monteleone, LTD. today to learn more about how we can help represent you or your loved one during this time. Call 815-315-0576 today to schedule a free consultation.

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