The Benefits Of Rawhide Free Dog Chews

Chewing on bones and other types of chews is good for your dog. However, it is important to understand not all types, styles or products are good for your companion animal. As the responsible person in this relationship, you need to know that many bones, including rawhide chews, are not beneficial for your pet. Better alternatives to some types of animal bones and rawhide are rawhide free dog chews.


Chewing on rawhide free bones or chews is one way of providing certain benefits for you and your dog. Among the many are the following:
Entertainment: Bones are a way your dog can relieve any boredom. They can provide the dog with a way to pass the time enjoyable, safely and healthily.

All Ages/All Breeds: Non-rawhide chews are safe for all ages. They do not create gastrointestinal problems common with some breeds and for dogs of a certain age.

Safety: With rawhide free bones or dog chews, you do not have to worry about splinters from bones or chewed rawhide lodging in the throat
Free Time: Rawhide free dog chews allow you to work or relax while enjoying the company of your dog – NOTE, this does not mean you should give the dog any treat and not monitor their eating habits

Dental Care: Chewing can help your dog keep his or her teeth healthy. Depending upon the nature of the rawhide free chews, it can work to scrape plaque off the teeth. It can also control the build-up of tartar. This will reduce such problems as yellow teeth, bad breath resulting from periodontal disease.

Rawhide Free Dog Chews

Your dog only has one life to live. Help him/her enjoy it to its fullest. Always provide the best food possible, the right toys, plenty of walks, car rides and your companionship. Moreover, add that little bit of extra spice – with treats, including rawhide free dog chews.

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