The Reasons To Choose Saint-Gobain Hoses

In the sanitary process industry, having the correct components in place is essential. Not only is this important for full compliance with regulations, but it also means components of the system that have a long lifecycle and are less likely to result in downtime due to failures.

When it comes to breweries, distilleries and food and beverage production, Saint-Gobain hoses are one of the top products for any of these applications. They are designed specifically for sanitary processes and meet all the standards and requirements for industry applications.

Flexible Component Options

The benefits of choosing Saint-Gobain hoses over piping is the first aspect to consider. Hoses offer flexibility and versatility that rigid pipe of any kind simply cannot match. The hose is able to curve, turn, curl or conform to other configuration requirements with ease and without the need for multiple fittings and joints, all which pose a greater risk of leaks over time.

Features and Options

There are several lines of Saint-Gobain hoses which are designed and manufactured for specific applications. Choosing the specific benefits required for the job will help to narrow down the hose line selection.

Different features or benefits offered with the different lines include:

  • Greater bend radius
  • Kink resistance
  • Lines that prevent any taste or odor transfer
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Lines that can be sterilized or repeatedly autoclaved without damage
  • Maintained inner diameter even through a tight radius bend
  • Resistant to animal and vegetable oils
  • High temperature ratings

Additionally, these hoses by Saint-Gobain are designed specifically for various industries, rather than as a one size fits all type of product. The company also offers different options for both steam in place and clean in place applications, an important consideration in many systems.

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