What’s The Best Equipment for the Food and Beverage Processing Industry?

If you are in the food or beverage processing business, you have many demands and rules placed upon your company. For example, compliance has to be on your mind at all times, and you need equipment and parts like stainless steel tube fittings that are designed to keep running with maximum efficiency. Waukesha, APV, and Murzan are three of the best brands to consider and here are some reasons why.


Now owned by SPX, Waukesha has a long history in the processing industry. They are highly trusted for their valves, pumps, heat exchangers, and even the smallest parts like stainless steel tube fittings are made with the greatest of care and precision.


SPX also owns APV and one of their most effective heating and mixing systems is the APV Cavitator. The system is specifically designed to heat liquids with no buildup. It can easily mix materials like solids, liquids, and gasses on a microscopic level, giving you better products and higher quality. The APV Cavitator can give your company a number of benefits, such as:

No scale during the heating process
Easy to disassemble when needed
Greater processing efficiency
Less downtime due to maintenance
Leaves a smaller footprint than standard processing technology
Murzan Pumps

In some processing plants, a wide range of pumps can do a good job. However, in some cases, you may need to pump fluids that are lumpy or textured, and even supplies like stainless steel tube fittings are of the utmost importance.

Murzan pumps are designed to handle difficult materials like peanut butter or salsa. Cleaning Murzan pumps is an easy process, and there is no risk of contamination from lubricants.

Talk to your processing equipment supplier today about the many quality options from Murzan, APV, and Waukesha.

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