Custom Aluminum Fabrication: Increase Quality, Reduce Costs

Aluminum is a popular metal among many industries. It possesses properties that make it ideal for certain projects. It is also cost-effective – an affordable way to reduce costs without negatively affecting quality. Aluminum is also malleable, offering a multitude of design possibilities. This makes it ideal not only for standard, off-the-shelf components but also for custom aluminum fabrication.

Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum fabrication, like all types of metalworking, involves different skill sets and their practitioners. Engineers, welders, CNC machinists, cutters and other diverse machinists and fabricators work together to produce a part according to specifications and customer requirements. They work with a comprehensive understanding of the metal. They know the issues that can arise with aluminum. They understand it is a reflective metal and can present problems with certain cutting devices, e.g., lasers.

Custom Aluminum Fabrication Services

Fabricating aluminum for a special project does involve the standard skills that are a prerequisite for anyone working with this metal. However, the process incorporates further skill sets. It requires specialization and such services as:

Design Formation
Prototype Fabrication
Prototype Testing and Production

Post-Production Work e.g., custom finishing, assembly and shipping

These are all steps that produce a unique and customized product. A fabrication shop may work with the industry from the very inception of the design, working its way through all the steps in systematic order. However, an industry may only request the custom fabricator produce the prototype from a specific design or involve them in the testing and production end. It will depend upon needs of the industry and the contractual arrangement between the two parties.

Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum is a favorite metal for many industries. It provides their projects with durability, low weight to high strength ratio, high heat and electrical conductivity, and excellent corrosion resistance. Custom aluminum fabrication further expands the potential for applications – increasing the design potential while maintaining cost-effective pricing.

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