Capacities of a Metal Fabrication Company in St. Paul, MN

It is important for business owners to know the capacities of a Metal Fabrication Company St. Paul MN before selecting the best one for the project. Some smaller companies have limitations regarding the type of cutting equipment used. A laser or plasma cutter, for example, may not be available due to ventilation or space constraints. Those cutters generate excessive heat and release harmful fumes, require a safety perimeter, and need secondary clean-up of finished work. They also alter the temper and properties of the material because the designs are melted, burned, or vaporized. A water jet cutter releases no fumes and requires no secondary clean-up because edges are clean and clear from the cutting method. It is also perfect for thin metals, composite materials, and alloys because the pressurized water does not alter the temper of the raw materials.

Common components or parts may have to be ordered by a company before those items can be custom-modified and fabricated. That will take more time for a project to be completed. A larger company will have basic components in stock, which will save the customer time and money. Chutes, pans, conveyors, guides, and covers, for example, are essential for food processing equipment. Having those items in stock means the company can begin fabricating to customer specifications as soon as the request is made. Brackets, handles, shrouds, and flanges for automated machinery parts can be modified quickly to accommodate a new product, develop a prototype for a manufacturing process, or increase productivity. Turn around time for projects is fast, so the business owner benefits from less down time.

The variety of raw materials also differs from one Metal Fabrication Company St. Paul MN to another. Some deal exclusively in stainless steel, for example, while others work with steel stainless steel, aluminum, and various alloys. Stainless steel has many advantages, such as fire resistance, strength, durability, resistance to rust and corrosion, and is aesthetically pleasing. Stainless can be sanitized, disinfected, and cleaned quickly and easily. It can also be the most expensive option, depending on the grade. Some components have to be stainless steel, but that may not be the case for all needed components. A company that can also fabricate components from steel and aluminum, when appropriate, can save a food processing plant money. Business owners can Click here for details on capacities, a complete list of equipment, and all services offered.

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