A Guide For Selecting Industrial Wire Guards

In warehouses, production facilities, fabrication shops and in any other type of industrial application protecting fluorescent lighting tubes are important. This not only saves on the cost of constantly having to replace bulbs, but it also creates a safer work environment by reducing the chances of breakage.

Industrial wire guards come in a variety of different sizes, options and configurations to provide a durable, rigid cage-like enclosure for the tubes. This is very different than a diffuser which is often just plastic and is more related to creating a better lighting condition than actually protecting the tubes from accidental breakage.

Protection Required

There are both larger and smaller types of cage configurations for most types of industrial wire guards. The smaller the mesh or the cage wiring design, the greater protection that the guard will provide for smaller items. This is particularly important in fabrication and production types of facilities where small metal, wood or even plastic projectile types of pieces may be present.

Larger and more open types of guards are ideal for general purpose use. They are designed to protect against contact with larger items, and these are the ones most often used in garages, warehouses and other types of similar facilities.

Attachment to the Fixture

Most of the popular types of industrial wire guards simply clip onto the fixture with small clips that come with the guard. These are easy to install and also allow easy and fast removal of the guard when needed. Others may install using screws for even more security. These are often used in public areas to prevent against vandalism and other similar concerns.

Most of the common types of wire guards are sold in four-foot lengths. They are open ended, which means they can be mounted in sequence for 8-foot fixtures. They will typically fit either a single or a double fixture, but it will be essential to confirm this with the manufacturer’s specifications.


Virtually all wire guards will have a chrome or stainless look. They can have a heavier look or a lighter appearance based the specific design, which is either a squared off edge on the bottom or a more rounded look.

To prevent rusting in high humidity or damp area, either indoors or in production facilities, some of the wire guards can be purchased with a clear or colored polyester coating. This prevents the steel wire from rusting even after years of use.

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