The Benefits Of Working With Metal Stamping Companies

For OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) as well as for fabricators and manufacturers, there are several different ways that parts can be formed. One of the most cost-effective options is through the process of metal stamping.

Metal stamping is not a new process for forming parts, but it is one that is used across all industries from electronic to automotive. It involves using flat sheets of metal that are formed through the use of specially designed dies and pressure to create a shape. The obvious advantage of this method is there is no need for welding or otherwise creating joints within a part through soldering or brazing.

The Process

There are different options that metal stamping companies may use to create the formed parts. Hydraulic as well as mechanical presses can be used to create the force needed to form the metal sheet to the die.

With new systems, the metal stamping machines will complete all tasks required to prepare the metal sheet to be formed with the die. This includes cutting, punching and even working with a progressive die to create complex shapes that are not possible with just one die.

The Advantages

There are several advantages in turning to metal stamping companies over traditional types of die casting, extrusion and forging options. With the ability to form the parts at a single station or several stations with a single stroke, production is fast, cost-effective and reduces waste of the sheet alloy material.

These systems are fully automated, allowing for rapid production with full quality control. With both speed and precision of even complex parts, top metal stamping companies can produce higher volumes of parts with no sacrificing of quality while still saving the OEM money.

Small to large volume production runs can also be easily configured once the design process is completed. This also allows for consistency between production runs, ensuring top quality components regardless of the size of the order or the time between.

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