Accent Your Auto: Northeast Collision’s Car Painting Services Can Refresh Your Original Paint Job or Give You a Whole New Look

Today’s cars are built to last for years, but a fading, chipped, or damaged paint job can make you want a new car, even if your old car is running great.  You may also need a paint job if you have had any body work, so that replacement parts will match your existing paint.  Finally, some people want paint jobs to give their cars an entirely new look.  At Northeast Collision in New Jersey we offer a comprehensive auto-paint service, perfect for serving your auto-paint needs, whatever they are.

The vast majority of our customers are concerned about color matching.  Color matching is one of the most important parts of restorative car painting, because the new parts need to flawlessly blend with any existing parts.  In addition, many people who want to restore their cars to like-new conditions want to match the original paint colors.  That is why Northeast Collision uses the most advanced paint-matching software to match your paint to the original finish and color

Of course, auto paint is about more than paint.  People getting body work want their exteriors returned to a completely like-new appearance.   As part of a paint job, we buff out any scuff marks, touch up scratches, and detail the vehicle.  In fact, many our customers have leased their cars and come in for a mini-makeover before turning in their leased vehicles, so that they are not charged for any of the incidental damage that occurs as part of daily wear and tear.

If you are seeking a total makeover, we are happy to provide you with the custom-color of your choice.  Some of our customers bring in restored vehicles looking for that great last touch.  Whatever your needs, our ASE and I-CAR certified technicians will create a flawless surface and apply the paint job of your dreams.

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