Boat Dollies Vs Yard Trailers

If you run a business that’s boat oriented, you’ll need professional equipment for moving your vessels about. In fact, during the course of a day, you may need to bring boats to customers, move them for service or storage, or many other things. To move these vessels, you can use yard trailers or dollies but which is best? Let’s examine the features of each option to help you decide.

What Are Dollies?

Dollies are relatively simple devices designed to move vessels a short distance. You wouldn’t want to use them out in the yard a great deal or on the road. A typical dolly has a frame with four caster wheels and pads. You’ll need two dollies to move most boats unless they are extra-large or heavy.
There are several types of dollies. For example, some are specifically made for moving pontoon boats. They have three wheels and are triangular shaped. You can buy heavy-duty dollies that can easily be expanded for larger vessels. Heavy-duty dollies are specially designed for bigger boats.

Yard Units

If you need to move vessels of 40,000 pounds and up, yard trailers are the best option. You can use either towable or self-propelled models, and they’ll do an excellent job of moving boats.

In the Showroom

Dollies are designed for moving vessels in your showroom. They are also good for moving boats about in the shop. In fact, many businesses will need to invest in yard trailers and dollies, depending on the services they provide.

Buying a Dolly

Where you buy your dollies is very important, and the best place is a trusted boat trailer dealer. They can give you several selections of dollies and help you choose the best trailers for your yard. A good boat trailer dealer offers service on all the products they sell, and they are there for you when you need them.

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