The Benefits To Utility Sub metering For Buildings

There are often issues with commercial properties that become challenging and difficult to manage. As an apartment, condo or commercial building owner or manager, understanding how to fairly address utility bills if there is one meter to the building can be a very real problem.

It may seem counterintuitive to spend the money to upgrade to utility sub metering, but there are some benefits that also need to be considered. These benefits will not just extend to your current clients, but may also help to attract new clients in either a commercial or residential building or property.

More User Friendly

The use of utility sub metering allows for a more user-friendly building for your tenants and residents. Unlike simply splitting the bill or basing the charges on total cost divided by square feet of rental space, people have control over their utility bills, particularly for water.

As a selling point for occupancy, this is a key consideration. A business that may use very little water doesn’t have to worry about a processing or production company running up the water bill and adding to their monthly costs.

The Sub metering Change

To allow for utility submetering, the building or property has to install meters, typically by a third-party that provides accurate recording of the specific amount of the utility used by a unit, residence or commercial entity.

These meters should be “smart meters” which allow the data to be transferred on a daily basis to the metering company. With this information property owners and managers can have a good idea of the typical usage. This also allows them to be aware of unusual or elevated usage levels that may indicate a leak or other problem within the system.

Once installed, these meters provide a wealth of information. They can alert building owners to businesses that are using unusual amounts of the utility, typically water or electrical power. With this consideration, heavy users in a building or facility where the total costs are shared may naturally be hesitant to turn to individual billing systems.

Working with the third-party sub metering company is always the best option. This will allow you to not only choose the meters, but also the company. Ideally working with an experienced company with expertise in meters and systems that are most effective for your particular building or needs is always the most effective option.

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