The Scope Of Water Management Services

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Meters and Metering

Partnering with a water management service company is an ideal option for landlords, property managers, and property owners. This is particularly important for mid to large sized apartments, complexes, mobile home parks and commercial, retail or industrial facilities with multiple units and tenants.

Understanding what is needed in water management services is important before there is any consideration of a service. Not knowing what you need and not understanding the full scope of what the top companies are offering with regards to services may result in choosing a company that is not able to provide the services required.

Water Meter Selection

Not all water management services work with all types of meters. There are different models and manufacturers of smart meters on the market today, as well as standard types of meters. With a selection offered by the service, it is possible to choose the right meter for the application, which will lead to a longer life cycle and lower cost per meter.

Installation by Experienced Technicians

Many water management companies hire installers on a project by project basis. The best companies have their own crews that have experience, training, and knowledge of working together on projects from small condo developments to high rise apartments and extensive mobile home communities. The more a team has been trained and works together, the faster the process can be completed without errors or problems.

Water Testing Services

Check to make sure the company can provide water testing. This should be done on a regular basis to ensure safe drinking water and also detect any water issues that may be damaging to your plumbing infrastructure.

Billing and Payments

The top water management services will have the software in place to handle all of the billing and payment for your property. This is a simple, effective and cost-efficient way to handle one part of submetering that can be a challenge to do on your own.

Reporting and Real-time Data

Verify that the water management company provides real-time access to data on your property. This should be provided with a secure login system, allowing you to monitor trends and any usage irregularities.

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