5 Reasons to Install New Vinyl Siding on Your Home

Is it about time to start painting your house? This is a job that no homeowner looks forward it. In fact, if you wait until the paint starts to peel, then you have to get out there and scrape and sand, and that’s an enormous amount of hard work. When you contact your siding installation contractor in Fairfax VA about new vinyl siding, you won’t have to worry about house painting. Here are five more reasons to consider vinyl for your home’s exterior.

1. Cost

New siding can be expensive. However, when you compare the costs of vinyl with the other options, you’ll see that vinyl is very affordable. Vinyl is the most cost-effective way to cover a home exterior.

2. Maintenance Free

Besides no painting, you never have to do anything to your vinyl. You might want to occasionally wash it down, but that’s not hard either. In fact, vinyl washes very easily with mild soap, water, and a brush.

3. Options

When you talk to your siding installation contractor in Fairfax VA, ask about colors and styles. He can show you many options. For example, you can choose from several different colors, and some panels look just like cedar boards and others resemble rough split shakes.

4. Efficiency

Your siding installation contractor in Fairfax VA can give you insulated siding boards. For example, besides installing insulation board, you can have siding that adds a thermal resistance rating of 2.7. This makes your home cooler in summer and warmer when the cold winds of winter blow.

5. Versatility

No matter what kind of home you have in Virginia, you can find vinyl siding products to perfectly match. Some look great with partially brick exteriors, and others are made just for ranch style houses and two-story homes.

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