Reasons Why You Definitely Should Leave Synthetic Turf Installation to the Pros

There are things that can be done on our own, like setting tile or building a table, but other things require professional care to get right, no exceptions. Installing synthetic turf is near the top of that list, as it’s a very meticulous process that requires a decently sized team of experienced, trained professionals. But what are the biggest reasons why this particular job should be left up to a professional crew? If you are considering doing a DIY job for your synthetic turf installation in Orlando FL, here are the top reasons why you should reconsider.

Surface Area Preparation

Removing the grass that’s already there is not enough for the job to get done, you also have to make sure that the ground left behind is level and stable enough for the new grass to be put down in its place. Otherwise, it can lead to repairs, which bring with them repair costs that will add up over time. A professional team knows that leveling the ground is a top priority when preparing to lay down synthetic turf, and so will make sure that this part of the process is thoroughly completed before proceeding.

Turf Scrap Advice

When doing a job this complex, there are of course going to be some left over pieces when all is said and done. A professional team will know what to do with them and will advise you accordingly. In the future, there will inevitably have to be repairs done to the grass, as time and the elements put the material to the test. So, if anything needs to be replaced or added, you should keep the larger chunks of leftover pieces and store them properly, so that when repairs are needed, you have the replacements right there.

Proper Allocation of Drainage

Remember, this is not normal grass, which absorbs water into its roots to help it grow. This is synthetic turf, which is not a plant at all. So if you’re not careful, the water can end up pooling after it rains. A professional team will remember and consider this, and install a proper drainage system beforehand to make sure that, in the event of rain, any water that starts to pool will instead be safely drained from your yard and distributed somewhere else.

If you’re not sure which professional team to contact for this job, then look no further than Easy Turf.

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