Fantastic Buffet Ideas for Your Next Casino Party

Once you’ve decided to hold a casino party, there are a million things to plan. After you secure rental casino tables in New York and have thought about a theme, it’s time to think about feeding your guests. The great thing is that many fun snacks lend themselves well to a casino party atmosphere. Many of the choices are inexpensive and don’t require a lot of skill in the kitchen, either.

Gambling Buffet

This is a simple option that only takes a few ingredients. Cut up some watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew in the shape of card suites. You can do the same thing with finger sandwiches. You might make the fruit club and spade with the sandwiches in heart and diamond shapes. You can also stack up nothing more than a cracker, cheese, and cucumber to look like poker chips. A bowl of foil-covered chocolate coins will also fit in well.

Traditional Buffet

If you want something more basic, think about a treasure theme. It fits the theme of the party and can be a lot of fun. Foods that might fit well here include sliced yellow apples and pineapple chunks for that golden color, or fried foods like French fries, mushroom caps, chicken fingers, and jalapeno poppers. These are foods that everyone loves but that won’t cost an arm and a leg or require massive preparation.

Seafood Buffet

It’s common to see seafood buffets in high-end casinos. It shows that the facility is quality, since seafood can be a bit more expensive than choosing cheese and crackers or a fruit dish. Shrimp dishes work well here with options like shrimp poppers, popcorn shrimp, and teriyaki shrimp. You can add in some other dishes like crab puffs and fried clams to have variety. Make sure to have a ton of dipping sauces along with a few veggie side dishes to pull everything together.

Gourmet Buffet

Another option is to host a gourmet buffet. It’s going to cost a bit more but it will also blow away your guests. Think snacks like shrimp-stuffed celery, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, and artichoke-heart bacon bites. Add a few other items like dried apricots, bruschetta with pine nuts, and rosemary butter rolls to fill in the gaps.

If you’re still looking for a company offering casino tables in New York, make sure to check out Casino Parties LLC. We’d love to help you get the details sorted and made sure you have a fantastic night.

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