5 Ways to Find a Commercial HVAC Firm for Your Office Building

Freezing office temperatures have become the norm. There are some reasons for that, though. Heat and humidity have negative effects on employee productivity levels, Inc. says. Heat impairs decision-making, makes people irritable, and decreases productivity levels.

That’s why getting help from a commercial HVAC company in Portland is vital to keep your unit in tip-top shape. Read on for tips on how to choose one.

Do your homework

Check out the company’s site. Know its history. How long has it been around? What kind of services does the company focus on? Most importantly, find out what kind of reputation the company has.

Check out other clients

Take a long, considering look at the firm’s clients. Are you in good company? That’s going to help you tell you whether you’ve picked the right contractor to work on your office space, regardless of whether you rent out a few floors or the entire building.

Consider the staff

What kind of training does the staff have? Are they licensed for, and experienced in the work that your project needs? Talk to the company about the project size they usually work on before you move forward with the hiring process. That way, you’ll know if the company’s technicians are a good match for your building needs.

Look for awards

Awards are an excellent way to gauge the credibility, service quality, and trustworthiness of a service company. That’s one detail you’ll want to keep in mind when you look for a commercial HVAC company in Portland.

Factor in the culture

You’ll want to hire a company like MacDonald-Miller, one that provides safety training to its employees. That creates and develops culture and mindset which makes safety at work a priority. Working together with that kind of crew will do a lot to prevent accidents and injuries on site.

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