Dishwasher Troubles? Don’t Fret Yet

Having a dishwasher can truly seem like one of life’s great luxuries, especially if you live in a city or an apartment complex where such appliances aren’t typically provided on-site. After a long day at work, being able to pop your dishes into the dishwasher after cooking dinner is a sweet relief. Not only that, but the precious free time you spend on hand-washing your dishes adds up. Using a dishwasher kills more germs than hand washing, and can also help you save big on water and energy. When something goes awry with your dishwasher, it might seem like the end of the world– but there’s no cause for panic. Finding an appliance repair company in Metairie will have your dishwasher back on track in no time.

Here are just a few issues that can be solved by a visit from a skilled repair company:

Dirty Dishes

If your dishes aren’t coming out clean, something’s afoot. Don’t waste more water and detergent on a second wash cycle– call for repairs.

Bad Smells

If there’s a bad smell coming from your dishwasher, don’t just chalk it up to food particles. Unpleasant odors indicate that something is going wrong.


Probably the most urgent dishwasher problem, a leak in your kitchen can cause damage and stress. This one goes without saying– if you’re experiencing a leak, you’re likely to run for the phone.

Strange Noises

Don’t assume that odd noises are coming from your dishes and silverware knocking around. Something could be wrong with your machine.

Bad Drainage

Opening the dishwasher to a pool of dirty water is unpleasant, unsanitary, and a clear sign that you need to call an appliance repair company in Metairie.

If something seems wrong, don’t hesitate to seek repairs– an unchecked problem will only make things worse in the long run.

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