Energy Efficiency Tips by Commercial HVAC Companies

There are alarming numbers of businesses that know next to nothing about their energy usage, says The Telegraph. If your company is in the same league, then you’re missing out on a lot of ways to reduce your spending. Here’s a list of energy efficient tips you’ll want to put to good use as soon as possible:

Regularly change your HVAC filters
Dirty and clogged filters compromise your unit’s operational efficiency. It restricts air flow which means your systems work harder to generate air. That forces you to crank up the settings to higher levels. As a result, you end up working your unit to the ground much faster than the norm. By regularly changing your filters, you can keep these problems from happening.

Find a service company
Look for HVAC companies in Jacksonville FL and find one that can perform repairs and regular check-ups. These maintenance checks will help a lot to ensure system problems are caught early on and resolved before these even affect system operation. Since minor issues could derail system performance, maintenance checks help prevent that, saving you a lot of premature repair costs.

Program your thermostats
Temperature settings can easily save you hundreds of dollars a year. By installing programmable thermostats, you can easily control the settings without the need to program these units one by one. If you’ve got a centralized AC system for your business, programmable stats can make your life a whole lot easier. Be sure to check out HVAC companies in Jacksonville FL to see which companies offer these services and which one is your trust and business.

Upgrade or replace
You can also ask your contractor about possible upgrades to your system to ensure better efficiency. However, if your unit is too old, your needs might be better served by investing in a new unit instead.

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