Why Consider Veneers In Chicago Loop

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Dentist

Many people are now opting for cosmetic dental procedures because they’re more accessible and affordable. Veneers in Chicago Loop are quickly becoming a popular choice because they can do so much. A veneer is just a durable shell that is bonded to the front of your tooth. It can be used to conceal discoloration and chips, which means you can have a better appearance. Plus, they can be customized to fit particular needs or match the rest of your teeth.

Hide Perfections

Some people have tooth stains that won’t go away with whitening procedures, even the newer, more advanced ones. They still want to have a healthy-looking smile, which is why they choose veneers in Chicago Loop.


While porcelain isn’t naturally found in the mouth, the application of a veneer can enhance the natural beauty of your smile. They look just like regular teeth, which means they blend in with the rest of them. They can be customized to fit the size and shape of the rest of your teeth, as well as color.

More Protection

Whether you have a small chip in the tooth or severe discoloration, you may find that a veneer can provide more protection to the tooth it is bonded to. The ceramic material is more durable and can prevent further cracking or chipping, which means you may not require other treatments, such as root canals or extraction.

Easy To Maintain

A veneer can last a lifetime if you maintain them correctly. Regular brushing is all that’s required to keep them clean, though you may want to ask for advice on toothpaste if you smoke or regularly drink dark liquids.

Veneers in Chicago Loop can hide imperfections and restore the natural beauty of your smile. Visit Pure Dental Spa today to learn more.

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