How Synthetic Turf in Tampa Bay Compares to Natural Grass

Forget everything that you know about synthetic turf in Tampa Bay. Most people (commercial property owners and homeowners alike) think that it looks incredibly fake, but that was the past. New technology and improvements have ensured that artificial grass can look and feel like natural grass. However, the benefits of artificial grass far outweigh those of natural lawns.

More Playing Time

Playgrounds, schools, and even homeowners with a lot of children (or neighborhood children) need a grass that can keep up with all the feet that want to be on it. Natural grass usually has to rest between play times and only lasts about 680 hours a year before it looks ragged or dies. Synthetic turf in Tampa Bay can last up to 3,000 hours a year and doesn’t need to rest between play periods.

Less Maintenance

Artificial grass does require some maintenance to help it look its best throughout the years. You need to keep the debris off the blades (such as branches and twigs), and you also need to brush the surface periodically and top up the infill levels. However, natural grass requires a lot of extra work, such as fertilizing, watering daily/frequently, mowing once or twice a week, and much more.

Good for the Environment

Even though the artificial grass takes resources to make, it is better for the environment because you use less water to maintain it, don’t have to use pesticides, and pollutes the ground and air less. When you deal with natural grass, you have to use chemicals to keep the weeds at bay, gasoline/electric lawnmowers that pollute the air, and more.

Along with fake grass being perfect for the environment, it’s also friendlier to your wallet. You don’t have to pay a gardener or landscaper to help you maintain it, and you don’t have to pay for chemicals and tools to keep it looking beautiful. Visit Easy Turf for more information.

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