The Roof Repair in Cedar Park TX Will Fix the Problems Which Allow Water to Enter the House

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Roofing

The roof is the largest area of your home, and it can develop many problems due to age and the weather in our area. The homeowner cannot see most of these problems from the ground, and it is too dangerous to go up onto the roof. The best action to take is to hire a roofing technician from Roof Repair in Cedar Park TX to inspect the roof and the attic. Inspecting the attic is important because a leaking roof may show brown marks on wood supports where the water has run down the wood, and the wood may indicate that the water has continued down between the walls.

The roofing technician will be checking for signs of cracked sealant, cracked and distorted flashing around the chimney and around any other opening in the roof. The sealant may have been of poor quality and it cracked under the weather conditions. It may have been a good quality sealant but age has caused it to be ineffective. These are places where water can enter easily. Roofers have access to high tech sealant which will withstand the harsh weather. The Area Roofing and Siding technicians use this product.

Other problems can occur with the shingles. Shingles can become out of position because they were not nailed properly, or they can be blown up by the wind. Either way, these conditions can allow water to get onto the decking and begin to rot it. When the decking has rotted enough to allow the water to seep in, then black mold will begin to form in the attic and between the walls if the water has traveled that far.

The drip edge may have been blown up and out of position which will allow water to enter under it and form an ice dam in cold weather or rot the decking in warmer weather.The Roof Repair in Cedar Park TX can fix this problem. If the drip edge is too far out of position, this will allow water to run down the side of the house and possibly get into the foundation. Over time, this will be a serious problem.

If the shingles join another row of shingles on a dormer, then there is a possibility that a leak can form here. The roof cap shingles can be blown out of position which would also allow water to enter.

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