Hiring a Roofing Company? Not Before You Review This Checklist

Don’t miss important details when you engage the services of a roofing company in Anaheim CA. Start with this before you move forward with the rest of the hiring process.


Not all companies are equal when it comes to ratings and reviews. You’ll want to check out feedback regarding the firm. Are there multiple bad reviews? Are there complaints and even cases lodged against the company? Research and find out.


Hire a roofing company in Anaheim CA that employs only trained and competent contractors in the field. By trained, that means roofers who have the experience and know-how to get the job done right. Have they taken safety programs or training sessions? They should have. If that’s not the case, then check out your other hiring options.

Licensing and insurance

Look for licensed and insured roofers when you pick a company, the Better Business Bureau says. If the company’s crew is mostly made of contractors or subcontractors who aren’t licensed or don’t have much experience yet, then that’s a red flag. Don’t hire the firm, no matter how cheap their roofing packages and solutions are.


Check out the materials that the company offers you. Does the company offer extensive shingle options? The company may be cutting corners and providing you with cheap options.

Colors and style

When you pick out a new roof, you’ll want to choose one with care and caution. Keep in mind that the right color and style can do a lot to improve the visual appeal of your property. That’s going to add dollars to its resale value. Check out those options so you know. Don’t be limited by the choices your roofing firm offers you. If the firm doesn’t seem to want to work with you on getting those options, be ready to walk away.

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