Pick-to-Light Order Picking Systems Offer Many Benefits

If you fill orders in your warehouse, you need a picking system in place. However, when your system requires a lot of time and walking, you lose money each day. Modern order picking systems (like pick-to-light technology) can increase efficiency and output substantially. Here is a closer look at this exciting new method.

Light Directed Systems

Do you deal with high volume orders with many items? If so, you need many people picking orders from many shelves, bins or other storage locations. This creates confusion sometimes, and it’s easy to get orders wrong. Just one wrong item or size creates a lot of extra work and slows down your business. Pick-to-light ordering picking systems solve these problems. Here is how a typical light directed process works.

You enter your order details into a computer program, which creates a bar code. It prints bar codes on sticky labels, and you stick them to picking containers. The picker scans the bar code, and this enters order data into the picking system.

Light picking systems use lighted panels above each product storage bin. The panel displays the order number and amount of products to remove. Pickers remove products, place them into containers, and press a button. Pushing a button tells the program the picker picked the product, and he or she moves on to the next item.

Pick-to-Light Benefits

When you use light directed order picking systems, you have no paperwork to take care of. The entire process is paperless, except for bar code labels. You save a lot of money when you don’t print out your orders. In fact, you save on paper, ink, and printer maintenance costs.

High tech picking methods are simple to install and easy to learn. You can increase your customer orders considerably. By eliminating human errors, you lower your mistakes and increase overall efficiency.

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