Lifting Wire Rope Used for Heavy Rigging Applications

Lifting wire rope is a very important component of a rigging system used to pick up and carry heavy loads in lifting and conveyor technologies. The load is spread out to numerous individual wires, leading to an efficient and safe lifting operation.

Some of the most routinely used elements for lifting and hoisting applications include chain cables and wire ropes.

Chain Cables
Compared to wire cables, chain cables are significantly easier to move. They have more flexibility and you can use them to switch positions when lifting loads if you have enough room. Chain cable capacities vary but are usually smaller than the capacities of lifting wire rope. Chains are more applicable for later loads in applications in which weight is generally between 250 to 10,000 pounds (0.125 to 5 tons). Chains are used in workstations and small factory settings where lifting is required.

Wire Rope Cables
Compared to chain cables, wire ropes are generally more expensive, and they are an important element used to lift heavy stationary equipment. As opposed to chain cables, wire rope is used to lift heavier loads typically in the range of 4,000 to 60,000 pounds (2 to 30 tons). Therefore if you have a weight in this higher capacity range that needs lifted, you will likely need lifting wire rope .

Wire ropes are highly durable and very suitable for long and repeated service hours. They are also highly effective for lifting different types of loads within a short span of time. These wire cables are strong and effective in difficult environments such as extreme heat and harsh weather.

Wire rope is manufactured in different configurations. Some common configurations include 6×36 and 6×19. The numbers in these configurations represent how many wires make up a particular strand and how many strands are wrapped around the core. As an example, a 6×19 wire rope has six strands wrapped around the core and 19 wires in one individual strand.

Be sure to contact a reliable and experienced wire rope and sling company to help ensure you receive a high quality lifting and rigging products you need for your particular application.

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