The Falk Coupling: Power Transmission Gear Couplings

Shaft couplings are mechanical devices. They have a simple but significant role in ensuring the smooth and effective operation of diverse pieces of equipment. Texas companies have long realized the capabilities of a quality coupling not only to connect rotating shafts but also to absorb misalignments. To fulfill this role, they may be flexible or rigid. Common types of shaft couplings are gear couplings. While many manufacturers produce them, Falk coupling by Rexnord is a popular option for many companies in the power transmission sector.

What Are Gear Couplings?

Gear couplings are a form of connecting device capable of performing the essential role of joining the ends of shafts. The purpose is multifold with the following two being cardinal:

1. To transmit high torques

2. To reduce or correct misalignment both parallel and angular

Gear coupling may occur in pairs. Companies utilize them in this application with spacer shafts, therefore covering the distance existing between two points: the driving and the driven equipment. Many, but not all, require lubricant to ensure smooth operation and optimal function.

Rexnord Falk Lifelign Gear Couplings

When it comes to gear couplings, Texas firms often look to the Rexnord. They produce Falk coupling. When it comes to gear coupling, they offer the Lifelign model. They feature what companies need in coupling. This includes the following characteristics:

* Variety of sizes: There are up to 28 different sizes

* Reliability

* Cost-effectiveness

* Bore capacity: Among the industry’s highest

* Torque rating: Among the highest in the industry

* Space: Although operating in a limited space it still offers high-torque

Falk Coupling: Reliable Gear Couplings

In Texas, firms out their trust in Rexnord-Falk. They understand the Falk coupling is reliable but effective. Reliable, durable and efficient, the company produces an affordable means of providing power transmission devices with the capabilities to produce productive and effective results.

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