What Are Pillow Block Bearings?

In many industrial settings today, large machinery requires special transmission power to move materials. For example, industrial conveyor systems use large shafts that rotate, and they need heavy-duty bearings on the shaft ends. The bearings have enclosed housings that support the shaft while it turns. Inside the housing is pillow block bearings that not only support but they also lubricate and protect. Here are how these bearings work and the important role they play in Texas industries today.

Are They Pillows?

When you think of pillows, you probably think of those soft square things you lie your head on at night. Pillows supply excellent support to the head and neck while you sleep. Pillow block bearings in Texas supply support to shafts with steel or cast-iron blocks or housings and that is most likely how they got the name “pillow block.” They are also called enclosed housing, mounted, or plummer block bearings.

Mounted bearings contain an inner and outer structure. The outer structure is the housing, and it contains an inner bearing that allows a shaft to turn freely with as little friction as possible.


Enclosed housing bearings are usually designed for simple use. In other words, they support heavy shafts that turn at a relatively low rate of speed. For high-speed applications, they would not provide the kind of precision support required. Although most are made from iron, they are sometimes made out of stainless steel or even thermoplastic materials. The bearings may be cylindrical, ball, tapered, or spherical in shape.


Any industry in Texas that requires slow-moving conveyors can usually benefit from pillow block bearings. This includes a wide range of conveyor types. Large industrial equipment and machinery used in the agricultural industry also use these bearings. Food and beverage businesses and the textile and manufacturing industries use mounted bearings. They are easy to install, simple to use, and durable.

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