4 Ways to Get Your Car Buying Experience Off to a Good Start

It’s a good policy to know a few things before you pay a visit to a pre-owned Chevy dealership in Bolingbrook. Here are a few tips to help you get the experience off to a good start:

Be ready

You’ll want to have something handy to write notes with. Pen and paper will work when you’re recording the vehicle identification number, mileage and asking price of a model. But you could just as easily use your phone for taking notes. Bring along paper towels to help you check the engine oil as well.

Do a visual inspection

You’ll want to make sure you don’t get burned when you buy a used car. One of the first things you’ll need to do is check for any signs of damage. Are there any cracks in the windshield? Do the body panels match in color? Does the car look like it’s had a fresh paint job? That’s usually done to hide signs of rust, says the DMV so you’ll want to keep a lookout for that. Scratches and dents should be noted as well. Check if the windshield wipers and blades are fully functional right along with the headlights.

Check the brand

Remember to check the brand of the car’s tires. Tires from a reputable brand mean you’re buying a good deal. If there’s uneven wear on the tires, that tells you there are alignment as well as suspension problems. You might want to skip to the next car on your list then if you don’t want to deal with those repairs.

Browse through the inventory

Check the quality of the models in the inventory. Do the cars look like they’ve been around the block too many times to count? Then you’ll be better off checking out a different pre-owned Chevy dealership in Bolingbrook. For more details visit Hawk Chevrolet of Joliet at http://www.hawkchevyjoliet.com. Follow us on google+.

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