What to Look at When Browsing for a Used Car in North York

Considering the high price tag and rapid depreciation rates of new cars, folks are more likely to turn to used cars to get from place to place. However, used cars, as most people know already, come with their own risks. While investing in a used car may have its myriad benefits, it still has some risks. But these risks can be avoided if you know what you’re doing when going to buy one. If you are looking to buy used cars in North York, here are the main things to look at on the car itself before deciding to make a purchase.

#1. Exterior and interior

The value of a car is determined by many things. But the nature of the interior and exterior of the car is a big portion of that. Check the upholstery inside the car with a careful eye, making sure that nothing is damaged. On the outside, check for any kinds of dents, scratches, or bumps, that shouldn’t be there already. If you have the service record of the car in question, give a look to the repaired areas and see if you can spot the parts that were buffed, fixed up, or replaced. Finally, pop opens the hood and give the engine the once over. If all goes well, there won’t be any noticeable problems.

#2. Performance

The best way to determine this is to take your dealer up on their offer for a test drive. If they haven’t offered it yet, put the idea forth yourself, and they should comply without question. Get a good feel for the car, not only to determine if everything works well, but just to see if you enjoy how it feels when you drive it. You’re going to be driving this car for a while, so make sure you like driving it first.

#3. Leak test

You perform a leak test by parking the car during the test drive on a clean area on the road, and leave it running for 30 seconds. You then back the car off of that area and inspect the area you were on for any fluids on the ground. If the liquid you find is black, green, or pink, then the car has a leaks and needs repairs.

These simple inspections will help to ensure that you get the best car possible, for the best deal possible. They’re non-intrusive, simple, and even encouraged by dealers who want to make sure you leave satisfied. And if you want a dealership that will help you with your inspections, stop by Eli Motors.

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