How A Consumer Protection Attorney Can Help

A consumer is anyone that buys goods or services that are available from manufacturers or sellers. The objective of consumer laws is to provide some degree of protection for consumers from sellers that may revert to dishonest practices. Consumer laws cover the gamut from the imposition of strict product safety measures to imposing regulations on debt collection. Although these laws are in effect there are still many instances of fraud or other misleading actions that require the intervention of a consumer rights attorney in Chicago.

Convoluted agreements:

It is often argued that a consumer should be held responsible for making the right decisions when it comes to their commercial affairs such as buying a product or entering into a contract with a vendor. Under normal circumstances this concept works but unfortunately there are companies that purposely deceive their customers with agreements that have been written in such a way the typical consumer is out of his or her depth when it comes to understanding the terms. In situations such as this a consumer rights attorney in Chicago can help the customer, who now is the client, to get out of the contract.

Defective products or services:

Consumer protection laws, both federal and state, provide considerable protection for consumers that have purchased a product or service in good faith only to find out that the goods are shoddy. In many cases the vendor or service provider will compensate the consumer, however, there are just as many cases where the vendor refuses to provide any compensation. A knowledgeable consumer rights attorney in Chicago can sue the business.

There are often times, especially with products, where the failure or fault affects a large group of consumers. In situations like this a consumer rights attorney may institute a class action suit on behalf of a group of clients, not only to secure compensation but to warn the public in general of the issue.

If you believe you have purchased a product which was misrepresented or you are a victim of fraud you have every right to engage a consumer rights attorney in Chicago and sue for compensation. You are invited to contact the Zimmerman Law Offices online at for further information.

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