Signs You Need to Hire a New Defense Attorney

Find out if you’ve engaged the right criminal defense lawyer for your case. Read on for signs that you need to move on from that professional relationship and get legal help elsewhere.

Poor communication habits

An excellent defense attorney like Chad Lewin knows the importance of returning calls and replying to emails promptly. If your lawyer doesn’t keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with your case or misses deadlines in court and keeps making excuses, those are red flashing signs, the Legal Matters Magazine says. You’ll be better off hiring someone else.

Zero references

A defense attorney like Chad Lewin, one with plenty of experience in the field, will have no problem putting together a list of references should you ask for one. If the lawyer working on your case can’t provide you with references, you may not be getting the whole picture. It would be a much more prudent move for you to look for and hire a different lawyer.


The best attorneys are decisive. By the time your consultation ends, you should already have a plan in mind. If your lawyer isn’t quite sure what approach to take in your case, though, even after mulling it over, then you may want to look for other legal options available to you.

Always late

A good lawyer will always respect your time. If he’s late to a meeting with you, he’ll make sure to let you know in advance so you won’t waste time waiting around. If your lawyer is the exact opposite of that, though—if he doesn’t let you know he’s going to be late, or he’s always late, and sometimes he doesn’t even show up—then those are signs you’re with the wrong lawyer. Hire someone who’s punctual and on time for his meetings with you instead.

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