Hiring Specialized Dubai Shipping Law Firms

With offices throughout the UAE as well as in Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Asia and Europe, STA is the international law firm to represent businesses and individuals in Dubai.

As one of the premier shipping law firms in the Middle East, we work with shipbuilders, ship buyers, shipping service providers as well as businesses contracting for overseas shipments of goods into and out of the UAE.

The STA Experience Factor

By nature, all shipping law firms will require international representation. With our offices in many of the major shipping locations into and out of the UAE, our teams of experienced lawyers can work with small to large businesses to arrange contracts, coordinate purchases and funding of seagoing vessels and to even work on insurance claims or when there is damage to cargo during transit.

We are highly experienced in marine and shipping law, which is a specialised aspect of the law not all international law firms provide. With years of expertise in assisting in all areas of the shipping industry, we have the experience you require to protect your investment and set up contracts which are internationally enforceable.

Finance Law

In Dubai, we can also work with shipbuilding companies and ship buyers to coordinate financing opportunities for all parties. This may include managing the sale and purchase of all types of vessels from luxury ocean lines to cargo ships or oil tankers.

We can also work closely with shipbuilders and repair services to develop contracts to protect all participants in these multi-million dollar and often multi-year projects. Our team fully understands the scope of services and financing needed, which ensures our clients are provided with the information needed to make the right financial decisions.

To see how we differ from other shipping law firms in the area, contact us today at +971 5 27 28 29 1. We can discuss your legal service needs and schedule an appointment at your convenience. Visit the website for more information.

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