What Is Infrared Pavement Repair?

Traditional pavement repair involves mixing asphalt to patch the holes and cracks in the pavement. This can take time because the asphalt has to be mixed correctly before it can be poured, and then it has to have time to dry. It requires specialized equipment and a crew of trained professionals. While this method has been used for years, there is a new option that many companies are now using. It’s called infrared pavement repair and there are several reasons why it’s the better option.

How It Works

Instead of patching a hole or crack with asphalt, infrared pavement repair actually mixes new asphalt into the existing pavement. It heats the area using a special heater that can melt the pavement. Then additional asphalt is added and the section is compacted down and allowed to dry. The end result is a repaired section of pavement that shows no obvious signs of repair. This method may not always be an option, but when it is, the experts at Stripe A Lot Asphalt Maintenance LLC have the equipment and experience needed to implement it.


Infrared pavement repair does require unique equipment, but it actually doesn’t need as much equipment or tools as traditional pavement repair methods do. It’s also much faster, allowing repair teams to make repairs to larger areas of pavement in a shorter amount of time. That makes it more cost-effective, especially if you have a small area that needs to be repaired. What might have taken several hours of work can be done in half the time or less.


This method can be used to repair any situation caused by base failure or erosion including making repairs to potholes, trenches, and speed bumps.

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