What Should Homeowners Know About Earwigs Removal?

Although many people believe the perpetuated myth that earwigs climb into the ears of individuals during the night, this simply is not true. Although earwigs do not bite, they do have strong pincers in their hindquarters which can cause a painful pinch if they feel threatened. In a home, earwigs are simply considered a nuisance and do not cause any damage to the property. They can, however, produce a foul smell that can be especially noticeable when there is a large infestation in a home. When homeowners learn they have a problem with these pests, it is important they seek the professionals for Earwigs Removal.

To keep earwigs out, it is imperative homeowners take care of any moisture problems in their home. These pests are attracted to moisture so this issue needs to be addressed on a regular basis. Removing rotting vegetation and improving the soil drainage around the foundation can help. Homeowners should also make sure they promptly take care of any leaks that might attract these insect pests.

To remove the population of earwigs in a home, the pest control professionals will first advise the homeowner on how the pests are getting in. Sealing off cracks and openings is crucial for preventing the entrance of earwigs. Once these areas have been taken care, pesticides can be used to kill the current population and prevent new ones from entering.

Although there are liquid sprays that can be applied to homes, these are generally not as effective as dust and granules. Many of these insecticide products contain boric acid which is effective in destroying an earwig population. A barrier will likely be placed around a home’s foundation to ensure earwigs do not become a problem in the future. Homeowners can also use a special sticky band product around their trees to prevent earwigs from climbing them and causing damage.

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