Calling A Service That Does Pest Control in Lakewood

When someone decides to host an outdoor party, the possibility of mosquitoes being a nuisance is a concern. Most people will call a service for Pest Control in Lakewood if mosquitoes are present in large numbers. Keeping these pests at bay in the future will be necessary so parties are not hindered. Here are some tips to consider.

Keep On Top Of Landscaping

Mosquitoes will stay in areas where foliage is present. Since mosquitoes like to stay in areas of shade, it is important to keep on top of the maintenance of trimming shrubs, trees, and other plants to help reduce the mosquito population on a property. Lawns should be kept trim, and the application of pest control agents can be used to help in keeping these insects from becoming a problem.

Reduce Moisture From Land

It is extremely important to remove as many sources of moisture from the land where mosquitoes are noted. This will, in turn, reduce the mosquitoes in the area. Covering pools, bird baths, fountains, and other items where water is collected will be beneficial in keeping mosquitoes from using them as a breeding area. If standing water is pooled in old tires or containers on a property, it is best to tip them over and dispose of them so they do not continue to be attractions to these pests.

Use Appropriate Repellents

Many people find that citronella candles work well for keeping mosquitoes away from particular areas of a property. These can be lit at a time when a party is to be held to help keep insects away from guests. Using tiki-style torches will instantly give a party a festive feel while protecting guests in the process.

Consider giving guests the opportunity to protect their skin from potential mosquito-bites by providing them with repellents they can spray on themselves when desired. These agents can be distributed at the beginning of a party and be kept nearby so people can reapply the agents to their skin when desired. In addition, a service can use an appropriate agent for Pest Control in Lakewood to treat land before a party.

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