Glossy vs. Pearl Photo Finishes: Which is Right for Your Prints?

When you choose photo printing services for your pictures, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is the finish that you want on your prints. There are many photo finish options in the world of photography services, but there are two that often get confused. The difference between glossy and pearl finishes can be hard to see on the computer screen. Here’s what you need to know about these two popular photo finishes, and which you should choose:

What is a Glossy Photo Finish?

Glossy is hands-down the most common finish for pictures in the world of photo printing services. Photos with a glossy finish have a very shiny look that makes all the colors and tiny details of the picture stand out very well. If you have ever had pictures printed in a drug store or from a local photo printer, then you have seen glossy photos. The biggest reason that people search for other finishes is that glossy photos can reflect light and create glares very easily. They are also very good at picking up fingerprints if the picture is handled, which can make the picture look dirty.

What is a Pearl Photo Finish?

A pearl finish, also called a luster finish, could be called glossy-lite. It has a nice shiny finish that does show the details and colors of the photo very well, but it counters the issue with glare and fingerprints by adding a very fine texture to the surface. This is what most professional photographers recommend for special photos that you want to have for years, such as wedding photographs. You’ll get the best balance of detail and no glare with the pearl finish.

Which Should You Consider?

If you aren’t sure if you should ask for glossy or pearl finishes from your photo printing services, consider whether you will be handling the photo often. If you are simply framing it and never touching it again, you likely won’t need to worry about fingerprints. If you are hanging the photo in a dark hallway, the glare may not be an issue. However, for most photos, a pearl finish offers the best balance and is worth the slightly higher cost. You’ll be able to use your photos anywhere without worrying about glare ruining your photo display.

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