Learning how to do the West Coast Swing in Kingwood, TX

When people want to learn the various dances associated with ballroom dancing, they find a dance studio that teaches the many dances used by people in the social dances of today. Learning those social dances is one way to ensure that people get to rub noses with others in the community who may have social influences of benefit to them. There is a dance studio that teaches the West Coast Swing Kingwood TX for those students who want to take advantage of all the dances done in ballroom dancing, debutante balls, and other similar dances. Here is information about the West Coast Swing.

About the West Coast Swing

The West Coast Swing (like its counterpart, the East Coast Swing) has its roots in the Lindy Hop but is not as difficult to master. Relating to its name, the dance originated on the West Coast, specifically California, and became the official dance of the State of California. The dance can be danced to almost any music that is written in the 4/4 beats per measure and can range from a slow variation to a fast variation. Also like the East Coast Swing, the West Coast Swing operates on a six-step to an eight-step rhythm.

More about the West Coast Swing

The West Coast Swing is a popular dance globally, being heralded as the most popular dance in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Russia. The dance is also popular in Australia, Israel, Poland, Brazil, Austria, Korea, and Iceland, to name a few more areas. Because of this, many students are eager to learn the dance when they sign up for dance classes at a studio. Once a couple gets the hang of the dance, they feel more confident about going to social dances.

Where to Learn the Dance in Kingwood, Texas

Fred Astaire Dance Studios have been teaching students in the Kingwood, Texas area the art of fine dancing for over 71 years. Students have the opportunity to learn the many fancy ballroom dance steps, such as the Foxtrot, the Samba, and of course, the West Coast Swing. If any persons are interested in learning the West Coast Swing Kingwood TX, they can get more information by visiting the website at https://www.fredastaire.com/lake-houston/.

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