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Dancing is not only enjoyable but also a great form of exercise, even if you have two left (or right) feet. Funny how those that dread the idea of exercising, get excited at the thought of going dancing. If you are interested in learning how to dance, consider joining a class like East Coast Swing Dance Atascocita TX. Here are just a few of the benefits:

* Good for the Mind -: Dancing requires the ability to concentrate, motor skills, and some coordination. Studies indicate that in the case of elderly people, the act of dancing significantly improves balance or coordination when compared to walking or cycling as exercise. Dancing also improves one’s spatial awareness, or where their body is relative to the ground, thus reducing the risk of falls. Other studies indicate that due to the cognitive function required for dancing, the onset of dementia may be slowed down in elderly folks.

 * Good for the Body -: Joining classes at Fred Astaire Dance Studios helps one to lose weight and tone muscles. Incorporating fast, energetic moves provide an aerobic workout which is complemented with slower-paced, stretching movements, that elongate and tone the muscles. Depending on the style of dance hundreds of calories can be burned away in an hour’s worth of dancing. Dancing works the body’s core muscles (abdomen) and improves flexibility, endurance, and posture. If that isn’t enough benefits, dancing also reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

 * Building Self-Esteem -: As one continues to improve in their dancing skills, they also increase in confidence, this flows over into other aspects of one’s life and personality. Many people report that they are less shy, more assure of the skills in the workplace, and have more self-respect.

 * Mood Improvement -: Not to imply that people that don’t dance are grumpy, but it is a well-known fact, that exercise of any kind, enhances one’s mood. The act of exercising releases hormones into the body called endorphin’s – the body’s natural mood-enhancing chemical. Dancing, like any other type of exercise, releases tension, anxiety, and stress, in a good, acceptable form.

Participating in East Coast Swing Dance Atascocita TX classes offers benefits to arthritis sufferers, those with neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, and those seeking to lose weight or maintain weight loss. Whatever your preference, be it Foxtrot, Salsa, Rumba, or Ballroom, join a class today and dance the night away.

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