East Coast Swing Dance Atascocita TX Is Transforming Dance’s History

From the very first recorded history depicted on the walls of caves from Egyptian times, to the real-time TV shows of today like Dancing With The Stars, the art of dance has always existed in its varying forms. As a form of ritual and spiritual connection, or for the entertainment purposes of those who joyfully participate, or who relish in the observance of its splendor, the common thread of its existence has remained unchanged. The spirit of dance permeates all walks of life, through all cultures and lands, and exudes the soul’s expression into a shared, creative art form.

Dance’s history is as varied as the purpose it was utilized for. During the Egyptian era, dance’s purpose was for the rite of passage, or in depicting transpired events for celebration, or in mourning the loss of loved ones. During the 8th Century BC, dance was performed as a ritual during the Olympian Games. From the 1st Century AD, recorded history confirms the art of dance being utilized by the priestesses of the time, and that there was a relevancy to every hand gesture. From ancient Greece to the European Renaissance, dance was the spotlight of physical expression, and the catalyst to the creation of other art-forms like theater. As time progressed, the form of dance evolved and different styles of dance were created. Notably, as the styles of music changed, the forms of dance were also transformed.

When the popularity of recreational, partner dancing emerged into the forefront, a plethora of new ballroom dancing styles came with it. From the Lindy Hop, to the Hustle, Salsa or East Coast Swing, every dance shares some commonalities, yet are different in their own right. The East Coast Swing Dance Atascocita TX is known for its rhythmic free-style interpretation which uses single, double or triple dance steps. Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Texas is available for private and group dances and practice sessions of not just The East Coast Swing, but also a variety of different dances.

East Coast Swing Dance Atascocita TX is the dance style and the town to exude your soul’s expression, whether for practice or for learning a new skill. The legacy of dance lives on through the human embodiment and spirit of yesteryear, and continues on through the modern culture of every walk of life. Allow the spirit of dance to evoke and transform the creative spirit in your soul.

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