Why Homeowners Hire Irrigation Experts for Fertilization Services in Wall, NJ

At first glance, it may not seem that irrigation professionals have much in common with fertilization. However, the two are often provided by the same company. That is because full-service businesses like Jersey Shore Lawn & Sprinkler are committed to creating and maintaining beautiful properties. They can design and install water-saving irrigation systems, add landscape lighting and ensure proper drainage. Their lawn care teams provide everything from seeding to Fertilization Services in Wall NJ.

Irrigation Experts Provide a Range of Services

Businesses that specialize in irrigation often design systems when homes are being built. They study each property and determine what type of drainage systems are needed to prevent erosion and help plant life thrive. These include French, surface and trench drains. Their teams also install, repair and replace wells, pumps, and tanks. Specialists create irrigation systems designed to conserve water while keeping lawns healthy. Technicians can also repair sump pumps and pools and handle lightning damage claims.

Property Maintenance Includes Lawn Care

A company that installs lawn irrigation systems often provides ongoing property maintenance services as well. These can include scheduled services designed to get grass, flowers and trees ready for each season. Technicians provide seasonal plantings and seeding. Seasonal Fertilization Services in Wall NJ include spring treatments that encourage hearty growth and discourage weeds. Late fall fertilization is often used to add nitrogen to the soil, while late winter treatments keep lawns healthy, even when they are not growing during colder months. Services can include aeration, specialized weed treatments, and flea and tick control. Lawn care can also involve routine irrigation equipment inspections.

Experts Install Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners often rely on their full-service lawn professionals to design and install landscape lighting. Specialists can provide an elegant pool, path and deck lights that increase safety. They offer LED lamps and floodlights. Landscape architects often install spotlights to highlight especially beautiful elements, such as trees or design features.

Irrigation businesses which also specialize in lawn care offer a wide range of outdoor property services. Their design teams can create custom drainage and irrigation systems that conserve water while protecting land. They also offer year-round lawn care as well as landscape lighting options.

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